Terracotta Sculpture of the Uffizi Wrestlers by Vincenzo Vela


An Itlalian 19 century Terra Cotta sculpture of the Uffizi Wrestlers. In good condition ByVincenzo Vela.

The sculpture of the Uffizi Wrestlers, originally based on a lost Greek bronze dating back to the 3rd century BC, was brought to immediate sensation in 1583 with the discovery of the Roman marble copy from 1st century BC. Currently held at the Uffizi collection in Florence, it was acknowledged for its exceptional quality in its replication of the original Hellenistic sculpture attributed to Lysippus, known for his portrait of Alexander the Great. The sculpture portrays two men engaged in pankration, an ancient fighting sport literally translating to ‘all force’. Embraced in a position known as the ‘guillotine’, scenes as this were of daily occurrence in the ancient Greek Palaestras.