Angelo Mangiarotti Black Marquina Marble Side Table from 'Eros' Series 1971


Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti for Skipper from the 'Eros' series, black Marquina marble side table with top fitted on conical base. This elegantly organic table has beautiful subtle veining throughout and is from the original 1971 production for Skipper, Italy. Given Mangiarotti's research on furniture without joints, this side table is an example of the result of a gravity interlocking design in which the side tabletop because of its weight stably fits into the truncated conical base. The word 'Eros' refers to the male-female coupling of this interlocking solution. It is truly an ingenious and elegant design. Literature: Beppe Finessi, Su Mangiarotti: Architettura, Design, Scultura, Milan, 2002, pp. 182- 185 Giuliana Gramigna and Paola Biondi, Il design in Italia dell”arredamento domestico, Turin, 1999, p. 294, fig. 2 Giuliana Gramigna, Repertorio del design italiano 1950-2000 per l’arredamento domestico, Volume 1, Turin, 2003, p. 192.