Beautiful and Unique Center Leaf Murano Bowl 1950


The Beautiful and Unique Center Leaf Murano Bowl from the 1950s is a stunning example of Murano glass artistry. Crafted with exceptional skill, this bowl features a captivating design that resembles delicate leaves gracefully forming its center. The intricate details and vibrant colors inherent to Murano glass are on full display, showcasing the artistry of Italian glassmakers. With its vintage charm, this bowl embodies the elegance and creativity of the 1950s era. Its unique leaf-inspired form serves as a testament to the innovation and craftsmanship that Murano glass is renowned for. This centerpiece bowl effortlessly combines art and function, making it a remarkable addition to any space seeking a touch of timeless beauty and artistic allure.

W 9 D 7.5 H 1.5

Sku 5307