Gaetano Pesce, White Silicone Curb Chair "Senza Fine" for Meritalia, 2010

Gaetano Pesce, Silicone curb chair "Senza Fine" for Meritalia, 2010
“Senzafine” Armchairwas designed by Gaetano Pesce, a great Italian designer and architect, in the 21st century for Meritalia.

“Every company operating in the furniture’s, home objects’, office and lighting’s field should invest part of its resources in finding new expressive languages, new techniques and processes and use of new materials. In science, medicine, transportation, space exploration, etc. these are common occurrences, knowing that there is no future without the constant progress of ideas, goods, and the achievements already reached.

With Meritalia this year I showcase the conclusion of a research started in 1996 with a seat called "Kim” that, since then, is part of the collection Aiber in Miami. This experimental series is originated from the continuous extrusion of a silicone curb randomly disposed on a mould until the person who applies it considers satisfactory the form reached. This process, of course, gives rise to unique pieces which, for the way of their execution, are unrepeatable.“ Gaetano Pesce via Meritalia.