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"Le Bambole" Armchair Designed by Mario Bellini for B&B, 1972


The Mario Bellini "Le Bambole" Lounge Chair, produced by B&B Italia in the 1970s, is an iconic piece of Italian design. Characterized by its distinctive and innovative form, the chair features a plush, organic shape that embraces the human body. The design of "Le Bambole" represents a departure from traditional rigid structures, as it is known for its soft, amorphous silhouette.

Typically upholstered in a durable and comfortable fabric, the chair provides a cocoon-like seating experience. The use of unconventional materials and the emphasis on ergonomics contribute to its unique and inviting aesthetic. The lounge chair has become a symbol of 1970s design, reflecting both the era's experimentation with form and the desire for relaxed, informal seating.

Height: 28.75 in Width: 47.25 in Depth: 37.41 in Seat Height: 17.33 in (44 cm)..

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