Mid Century Italian Oscar Torlasco Model 143 Brass Chandelier for Lumi


The chandelier is a beautiful example of mid-century modern design, featuring a delicate and intricate brass frame with a timeless and elegant look. The chandelier consists of a series of curved and twisted brass arms that extend outward from a central point, creating a beautiful and dynamic silhouette that catches the eye.

The chandelier is made by Lumi and designed by Oscar Torlasco, a prominent Italian designer known for his innovative and stylish lighting designs. The Model 392 chandelier is a classic example of his work, combining simplicity, elegance, and functionality in a single piece.

The brass frame of the chandelier is polished to a high shine, giving it a warm and luxurious feel that is perfect for any modern or contemporary interior. The arms of the chandelier are arranged in a symmetrical pattern, with each arm supporting a single bulb.


H 33 D 40 

SKU 4913