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Mid century Italian Saporiti Lounge Chairs and Ottomans by Giovanni Offredi


"This collection features exquisite Mid-century Italian lounge chairs and ottomans designed by the renowned Giovanni Offredi for Saporiti. Crafted during the mid-20th century, these pieces exemplify the fusion of Italian craftsmanship. The lounge chairs boast sleek, minimalist lines with organic curves, creating an inviting and stylish seating experience. The original orange suede fabric, carefully preserved, adds a vibrant touch of retro elegance. Each ottoman complements the chairs' design and offers enhanced comfort.

Giovanni Offredi's work is celebrated for its impeccable balance of form and function, and this collection is no exception. With their distinctive blend of Italian and Scandinavian design elements and the captivating original orange suede fabric, these lounge chairs and ottomans stand as iconic representations of mid-century modern design, making them a cherished addition to any interior."

CHAIR H 32.5 D 29 Sh 15 W 39.5

OTTOMAN  27.5” wide x 21” deep x 14.5 high.