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Pair of 2 Original Angelo Mangiarotti Italian "Eros" Carrara Marble Side Tables


Angelo Mangiarotti's "Eros" series, designed for Skipper in the 1970s, is renowned for its timeless and elegant design. The pair of marble side tables from this collection typically showcase Mangiarotti's distinctive approach to form and function. Crafted with precision, these tables often feature Carrara marble, a luxurious and high-quality material.

The design may emphasize a seamless integration of the natural beauty of marble with functional elements, reflecting Mangiarotti's architectural background. Expect clean lines, a sculptural presence, and a balance between the solidity of marble and the lightness of form. The tables are likely to be versatile, complementing various interior styles while making a statement of enduring design excellence.

For precise details on the dimensions, materials, and any unique characteristics of the specific pair you're interested in, it is advisable to consult official product descriptions, catalogs, or reach out to authorized retailers familiar with Angelo Mangiarotti's original designs for Skipper.

Big table measurements: W 26 x D 17.5  x H 27.5

Small table measurements: W 21.5 x D 17.5 x H 15.5 

Sku 5353