Set of 3 Dining Chairs By Guido Faleschini for Hermes 1980s


This set comprises three exquisite dining chairs designed by the celebrated Italian designer Guido Faleschini during the 1980s, exclusively for Hermes. Faleschini's creations are known for their fusion of luxury, innovation, and avant-garde design, and these chairs are no exception.

Each chair features a striking combination of materials and forms. The frame, often crafted from high-quality metals like chrome or brass, showcases Faleschini's flair for sculptural aesthetics. The seating, typically upholstered in luxurious fabrics or leather, offers both comfort and opulence. These chairs not only reflect the opulent style of the 1980s but also embody the timeless elegance and craftsmanship for which Hermes is renowned.

Guido Faleschini's collaboration with Hermes produced iconic pieces that continue to be highly coveted by collectors and design enthusiasts. This set of three dining chairs is a testament to their enduring appeal and is sure to make a bold statement in any dining setting or interior."


Height: 32.5 in (82.55 cm)Width: 20.5 in (52.07 cm)Depth: 26 in (66.04 cm)Seat Height: 20 in (50.8 cm)

Sku 5410