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Set of 3 Rare Recycled Wood By Piergiorgio Robino & Alexandra Denton For Petroglyph 2011


The petroglyph collection recodes and reprocess scrap material sourced by the Nucleo Laboratory, in an assemblage that is constantly changing and evolving its form. The layers of the material evoke the wooden tablets used to make scribbles in the preliminary phase of cave painting, becoming a media to support an even more relevant piece of art. The timber boards are used as a screen-printed matrix. With a painting gesture, unique and unrepeatable, the message is transferred on the wooden surface. After being assembled, the piece will carry an invisible message, a secret kept only on a canvas, where aphorisms inspired by Fedor Dostoevskij will celebrate beauty as the only form of salvation. Salvation in a double sense, the message hidden inside, the soul, and in the re-used material, the body visible to all. A tradition of re-using that has been lost during the last quarter century and now re-introduced. Beauty will save the world, but we should save beauty. Unique piece.

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