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Tecno Conference Table for Centro Progetti


"Centro Progetti Tecno", conference table model 'T335', lacquered wood, aluminum, Italy, 1975-1978 Large conference table with a black lacquered wooden top that has an incredibly soft texture.


H 28" x W 117".5 x D 62"

The table is composed of two parts that are visually connected through a diagonal, thin line. The tabletop is mounted on four dual supports in cast aluminum that contribute to its constructive appearance. Centro Progetti Tecno (CPT) originated within Tecno as a separate institution that focused on industrial and communication design.

Marco Fantoni was the leading figure supported by other principal colleagues in the company, such as Osvaldo & Valeria Borsani, Enrico Regondi, Kugo Toru, Signor Grassi, Roberto Davoli, and Eugenio Gerli. They strongly believed in team spirit and disguised putting the designer names on items. Therefore, all pieces of furniture created within Tecno be presented as the creation of the team.