Vintage Italian Dry Bar by Willy Rizzo, Italy, 1970s


Indulge in the epitome of 1970s glamour with this rare and beautiful vintage dry bar, a testament to Willy Rizzo's design prowess. Immerse yourself in luxury with its brown suede and silver metal bars, creating an exquisite interplay of textures and tones. The set is a symphony of elegance, featuring illuminated shelves that showcase your spirits in style. The counter, adorned with a mirrored glass top and chrome sides, radiates sophistication, while a suede front panel adds a touch of warmth and tactile charm. Completing the ensemble are two original matching stools, embodying Rizzo's signature blend of comfort and chic design. Elevate your entertaining space with this iconic creation, where every detail speaks to the opulence and creativity of the 1970s design era.

Counter dimension: W 50in., H 35in., D 27in.

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